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Junction Mistecka in Ostrava, motorway D47

Completed in 2007

The junction Místecka, which is formed by roundabout, required construction of four new bridges with lengths from 115.27 to 239.67 m and widths from 9.52 to 22.09 m. Bridges No. 223 and 225, which have turn off ramps, are formed by two girders mutually connected by a deck slab of variable width. At those points where they bifurcate, the bridges become one-girder structures with large overhangs. Span lengths are from 16.002 to 27.544 m.

SHP: conceptual design of all bridges
          design for construction permission  (bridges No. 223 a 225)
          bid design (bridges No. 223 a 225)
          detailed design (bridges No. 223 a 225)