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Stráský, Hustý a partneři s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as “SHP”) is an independent engineering company founded in 1991 by four chief designers of the former Dopravní stavby Olomouc Prof. Ing. Jiří Stráský, DSc., Ing. Ilja Hustý, Ing. Petr Hubík, and Ing. Statislav Suský.

Due to the situation on the building market in 1991, it was first necessary to substantially extend the range of designing works. At that time, foreign investments went into banks and hotels rather than new roads. Therefore, apart from bridge structures, which were to constitute the company’s principal business, we tried out designs of ground structures, petrol stations, and also a small hydraulic power plant.

The turning point was 1993 when we won a public tender for the project of the R52 express road Rajhrad – Pohořelice, which was the first motorway construction in this country after 1989. There we ensured the provision of a comprehensive designing service not only for the investor, but subsequently, within the implementation, also for the private foreign contractor.

We had the opportunity to make use of our experience from that construction for the next construction: the R35 road between Přáslavice and Velký Újezd. There we also provided complete implementing documentation for the entire construction, this time for a domestic contractor – Dopravní stavby IES Olomouc. At that time, the construction of the D5 motorway between Plzeň and Rozvadov had started and the number of bridge structure projects began to increase.
At the beginning of 1997, together with HBH projekt s.r.o. we founded the joint-stock company SHB a.s., in which under one heading we could offer clients capacity securing complex projects for all motorway sections.

Bridges designed by SHP can be found on all motorways in the Czech Republic. We provide our services for both state investors and private companies. We always seek solutions that enable us to build structures effectively.

We strive to find solutions for supplier companies that best fit their experience, technical standard, and equipment level. Our major clients include EUROVIA CS, SKANSKA, SMP CZ, STRABAG, FIRESTA, BÖGL A KRÝSL, DOPRASTAV, and METROSTAV.

An important part of our work is represented by bridges that we designed for foreign clients in the USA, Sweden, Spain and England. The company’s consulting and design services in the USA and Canada are provided via the company JIRI STRASKY, Ph.D., P.E., Consulting Engineer, based in California. Our interests in the United Kingdom are represented by STRASKY HUSTY AND PARTNERS LIMITED, based in London.

In 2009, our subsidiary company SHP TS s.r.o. started its business activity; its scope of business includes technical support for the preparation, implementation, maintenance, and operation of structures. This company’s technical specialists provide their services in the fields of bridges, steel structures, roads, and geotechnology.

Our Bratislava-based subsidiary company SHP SK s.r.o. also started its activity in 2009. Its primary scope of business is currently the provision of comprehensive technical support for the major contractors in Slovakia, construction design and supervision..

The years 2010 and 2011 represent a certain milestone in the company’s life. We must compensate for the steep fall in investments in the preparation and implementation of transport infrastructures, which has caused a significant decrease in the volume of design work in the Czech Republic, by an increased amount of new foreign projects. And this not only in Slovakia and our close surroundings, but also in countries outside Europe.

Design Philosophy

The engineering staff of the firm design structures whose forms are inherent to the surroundings and best fulfill the functions of bridging the particular sites. They also design structures that correspond to the social and cultural character of any particular region, with minimum environmental impact both during construction and during maintenance. They strive for structures whose architecture is developed from a true structural solution, which simply and clearly express the flow of internal forces through their static system.

The design team develops new forms making use of the latest technological and scientific innovations to achieve the most appropriate and cost effective solutions for each individual case.

Each project is guided by the firm’s design philosophy of unity of function and form and unity of structural and architectural solutions.

The aesthetic impressions of designed structures are studied not only using drawings, photographs, and perspective views but, above all, through the use of models, whether for whole structures or just important details.

SHP’s designs are based on a deep understanding of material characteristics and their mutual connections, as well as the function of structural members and the structural systems. Great attention is given to the development of structural details and the arrangement of reinforcing and prestressing steel with regard to their static function, technology of production and maintenance.

The structures are not simply analyzed but first of all created and designed to obtain the optimum solution.

Depending on the problem, steel structures, as well as precast and cast-in-place concrete structures, are designed combining materials not only in the individual structural members but also in the structure as a whole. The steel or precast concrete elements are combined with cast-in-place concrete to obtain economy in construction and maintain a high standard of quality while reducing construction time.